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Volunteers from the Unorganized Militia of Botetourt County, defined in Virginia Code § 44-1 as “all able-bodied residents of the commonwealth…, who are at least 16 years of age and… not more than 65 years of age,” have been called to muster at the 19064, Main St. Buchanan (Buchanan Flea Market grounds), on the banks of the James River on February 15, 2020 at 1300 hours.

The purpose of this muster is to gauge public interest in serving in the Botetourt County Militia to preserve civil liberties, and to defend the rights and liberties of the citizens of Botetourt County.
Volunteers will be able to provide their name and contact information for further musters if they are necessary. The roster of volunteers will not be provided to any state of federal agency or publicly listed in any way.

Volunteers must be able to lawfully possess a firearm under current law.

Volunteers less than 18 years of age must attend with a legal guardian or written permission from such guardian.

Anyone attending the muster as a volunteer or in a support capacity will not wear any clothing containing political messages, shall carry no signs, and shall only carry, wear or display the flag of the United States, the flag of the Commonwealth of Virginia, or the flag of Botetourt County.

Sign in will begin at 1300 hours, regardless of the weather. The purpose of the gathering will be a “meet and greet” for all interested citizens of the county to further organize in training and advocacy, to resist tyranny, and to demonstrate the resolve of the people of Botetourt County Virginia in the defense of our God given and inalienable rights.

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