We’ve been asked about how to muster a lot lately. It’s not hard but will involve some time and effort. It is also something that you can’t do alone.

Step 1. Form a committee. 5-20 people that will help organize. promote. and grow your local Militia. This committee can also transition after the Muster to organize the leadership needed to make this Militia useful.

Step 2. Pick A Date and Location. Your location should be a good central location to your county. And should be one that you can handle the traffic you may get. Can you handle 200 people or more showing up? Great! Public Parks, Libraries, City or County government locations.

Step 3. Announce the date and print flyers and get them into every sporting goods store, gas station, and message board. As well it would be good to create a Facebook event. If you don’t know how to do this or don’t want to we would be happy to help. You’ll need an email address to use for this. Be ready to answer a lot of questions. Especially ones that are already answered in your muster call if people would read it. Reach out to local media people and appoint a person from your committee to be the spokesperson.

Step 4. Reach out to your local politicians and invite them to come. The primary purpose of this Muster should be to create a willingness on the part of the local county government to pass a militia resolution or add on to the second amendment resolution.

Step 5. Muster. This will require a lot of volunteers. Be ready and don’t just “show up” on the day of your muster.

We have provided the resources for you to use: CLICK HERE to download and modify as necessary. If you think we missed anything let us know.